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  • Control Line explanation
  • Free Flight

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    Free Flight is a form of Model Aviation. Unlike a radio controlled model aircraft where the pilot is in control of the model while in flight, a free flight plane once airborne , is at the mercy of the wind. Free flight is a hobby that is enjoyed world wide by the creative and adventurous. Free flight is flown indoors and outdoors, for fun and in competition. Models are powered by any means imaginable, gas, rubber, electricity and CO2 to name a few. Today aircraft are built from high tech composites including carbon fiber and Kevlar, as well as the traditional Balsa and tissue you may have used to build a plane as a kid. There are indoor models weighing 1 gram that stay aloft for nearly an hour, while outdoors a thermal may take your plane out of sight.

    .. just introduction, stay tuned for more exciting and informative report about Free Flight Models !
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