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Special Body Screw Set w/Silicone Grommets (10)
by K&S
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Manufacturer: K&S


Setup, installation manual:
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screw set:
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Stainless Steel Linkage Ball & Screw Set

Self Tapping Screw,2 x 4mm:S,VC
Screw Bag,Step 5:A,B
Main Rotor Blade Screw and Nut Set
Screw Bag,Step 1:E
Screw Bag,Step 4:E
Screw Bag #3:E
Flat Head screw, 2 x 12mm: CP
Screw Bag,Step 2:E
Set Screw,Tail Rotor:3x20mm(10
Screw Bag,Step 5:E
Screw Bag,Step 6:A,B
Set Screw, 3x35mm (10)
Screw Bag,Step 3:A,B
Screw Bag,Step 4:A,B
Set Screw,3 x 15mm:S,CP
Screw Bag,Step 1:A,B
Screw Bag ,Step 6:E
Screw Bag,Step 2:A,B
Set Screw,3 x 25mm

Special Tail Hub:Ergo
Special Tail Fin Set:A,B,V50
Special Universal Link, CCPM: V (2)
Special Main Shaft Spacer:VC,V9

set w:
Tail Blade Holder Set w/BB: VE
Mixing Base Set w/BB:E,Q,Z
Main Blade Grip Set w/Thrust BB: Voyager
Elevator Mixing Arm Set w/Bearing HDE: XL
Tail Boom Brace Set w/Aluminum Ends/Bracket, Blue
Washout Arm Set, w/o bearing: CP,V5
Seesaw Arm Set, w/o bearing: CP,V5

Body Mnt Rod & Grommet Set: BCX
Body Set, Complete: V5
Main Rotor Body:E,V
Front Body/Canopy: BCX

.. more body data.

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