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Aluminum Bearing Holder w/Bearing: BCX
Aluminum Bearing Holder w/Bearing: BCX photo

Manufacturer: E-FLITE


Setup, installation manual:
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Where to get:
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Similar parts:

w bearing bcx:
Inner Shaft Aluminum Bearing Housing w/Bearing:BCX

holder w:
Battery Holder w/ Mounting Plate

w bearing:
Hornet Bolt M1.6x8 w/Bearing (2)
Elevator Mixing Arm Set w/Bearing HDE: XL
Clutch Assembly w/ Bearing: CP

Body Mnt Rod & Grommet Set: BCX
Precision CNC Lower Head: BCX
Bearing 4x8x3mm (2): BCX
Lower Rotor Head & Linkage Set: BCX
Steel Inner Shaft: MH-CX065: BCX
Swashplate Set: BCX
Outer Shaft & Main Gear Set: BCX
Lower Main Blade Set (2 pr): BCX
Inner Shaft with Hub & Main Gear Set: BCX
Training Gear Set:BCX
Main Motor Heat Sink: BCX
Upper Main Blades: BCX
Front Body/Canopy: BCX
Servo Pushrod Set: BCX
FM Crystal Set, Channel 17, 72.130: BCP, BCX, BCPP
CNC Lower Main Blade Grips: BCX
Inner Shaft w/Aluminum Head/Hub: BCX
Rear Body: BCX
Stabilizer Flybar Set: BCX
FM Crystal Set Channel 50, 72.790: BCP, BCX, BCPP
Shaft Retaining Collar Set: BCX

.. more bcx data.

Main Blade Holder Set: CP, V5
Main Rotor Holder/Grip (4)
Tail Holder/Grip and Hub Set:XL
Aluminum Tail Holder/Grip and Steel Hub Set, Gray
Flybar Seesaw Holder & Mixing Lever Set
Tail Blade Holder Set: CP
Aluminum/Metal BB Flybar Seesaw Holder, Gray
Main Rotor Holder/Grip Set
Fuel Tank Holder Clips:Q,Z
Main Blade Holder BB:E,Q,Z
Mini Helicopter Main Blade Holder
Rotation Holder Assemb - VNR2
Metal Main Rotor Holder Set: 600A, CF

.. more holder data.

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